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Veterans Day 2022

In honor of our nation's military men and women, we reached out to our veteran teammates asking for their participation in a video that celebrates their service to our nation, their sacrifice, and their contributions to APTIM. We hope you enjoy!

Veteran’s Day 2022


A Message from Mark Fallon

For Veterans Day, we express our gratitude to the brave individuals who have made the sacrifices necessary to serve our country, protect our loved ones, and defend our freedom. We recognize how many choices we are privileged to make, from what we wear to how we pray to who we love, and we remember it is our veterans who ensure those choices are never taken away.

We are honored to have more than 150 veterans work alongside us daily here at APTIM. To those teammates, I want to say thank you for choosing to bring your immense talents and esteemed character to APTIM. You are an embodiment of our mantra to “be for each other” and the ultimate representation of dedication, leadership, and teamwork.

I hope that on this day and every day you feel the respect, appreciation, and admiration that you deserve.

Thank you for your service.

Mark Fallon
Chairman & CEO

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