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Two Wheels Are Better Than Four: Bike To Lunch Day With APTIM

May is National Bike Month. When we opt for two wheels instead of four, we improve the health of our bodies, community, and environment. What better way for APTIM to celebrate our commitment to accelerating the transition toward a clean, efficient energy economy than by joining in on the fun?

May is National Bike Month. What better way for APTIM to celebrate our commitment to accelerating the transition toward a clean, efficient energy economy than by joining in on the fun with Bike to Lunch Day?

Bradley Lowe, Vice President of Finance
APTIM | Accounting Management
In addition to being APTIM’s Vice President of Finance, Bradley Lowe is a proud member of our Green Team, which is focused on identifying and implementing sustainability projects that impact our internal operations and educate our team.




When asked about the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein once said, “I thought of that while riding my bicycle.” While I am pretty sure no one had any Einsteinian revelations during our first Bike to Lunch Day at APTIM headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, everyone who participated seemed to have a fulfilling experience.

Seven brave cyclists took on the sweltering Louisiana heat, armed with a wide assortment of two-wheelers ranging from beach cruisers to rented e-bikes. First, we documented the team’s experience by posing for a photograph in front of the Mississippi River bridge at The Water Campus, where our office is located. Then the team, hungry for tacos, took off.

The 2.5-mile ride along the levee path was a pleasant cruise for most of us as we passed warehouses, boat salvage yards, and fields of cattle. Unfortunately, one of the team’s e-bikers realized that the “e” part of his bicycle was not working, leaving him with a vehicle that was heavy and awkward. I think the 2.5 miles counted double for him!

The crew spotted the grand coliseum of LSU’s Tiger Stadium, signaling it was time to head down onto campus. Everyone arrived at the taco establishment ready to indulge in a well-deserved lunch. Needless to say, the tacos were worth the ride, and the company from fellow APTIM teammates was even better. The energy of being on campus and the reward of riding a bike there made this one of the most enjoyable lunches I have had in a while.

After realizing that an Uber was not going to come to our rescue, we hopped back on our bicycles (and a new rental e-bike that actually worked) and headed back to The Water Campus. The ride back was smooth, capping off our nice break from the usual midday routine.

Although we did not reverse climate change from our afternoon excursion, our ride served as an important reminder to our team. The celebration sparked conversation about sustainability and the environmental, social, and governance matters that are essential to APTIM’s business and culture. Plus, nothing compares to the simple, reminiscent pleasure of going out for a bike ride.

Even after May has come and gone, I encourage you to give two wheels a try. Be sure to get your bike checked out by a bike shop to ensure safety; wear a helmet; and look out for drivers, pedestrians, animals, unsafe road conditions, and other bikers. More resources for bike safety and maintenance are accessible at the League of American Bicyclists’ website.

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