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The APTIM Xchange | Hazardous Waste and Materials Reporting – DID YOU KNOW!?!

This may not be a Federal biennial reporting year, but did you know that you may still be required to report on the hazardous waste generated at your site(s)? States, and even some local jurisdictions, may require you to prepare and submit hazardous waste reports annually, or even on a quarterly basis. The frequency of your hazardous waste reporting requirements may be based on whether you have an EPA ID number or your waste generator status.

Did You Know: In some states, hazardous waste reporting is done for all waste generator statuses, including very small quantity generators (VSQG). Reports are typically due in January, February, and by March 1st, and in some cases, throughout the year. APTIM has extensive experience in preparing and submitting hazardous waste reports across the country. We work regularly with agency regulators and are closely monitoring the changing regulatory landscape for our customers, making us an ideal partner on your hazardous waste reporting needs.

Did You Know: California and Oregon incorporate hazardous waste reporting obligations into their hazardous materials reports, commonly referred to as Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP) and Hazardous Substance Information Surveys (HSIS). Other states traditionally separate their hazardous waste and hazardous material reporting processes.

Did You Know: Hazardous materials reports (Tier II) are required annually based on the quantities of chemicals that is present at your facility. State and local agencies use one of three electronic reporting platforms, and in some cases require emails and paper submittals of your chemical inventory information. APTIM has extensive experience working with the reporting platforms and local agency requirements and has developed a database to streamline hazardous materials reporting.

Did You Know: For hazardous materials reports, all states charge fees that either are paid at the time of reporting or invoiced by the agency to be paid later. For hazardous waste reports, only some states charge fees, and of those, some are paid at the time of reporting and the rest are invoiced by the agency to be paid later. As an added service to improve efficiency, APTIM supports our clients with tracking and paying agency fees associated with reporting to ensure reports filed timely and accurately.

Dawn McLaughlin, Client Program Manager

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