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The APTIM Xchange | Expiration of the Alterative Management Standard for Treated Wood Waste in California

On December 31, 2020, the alternative management standards for treated wood waste (TWW) expired. As of January 1, all TWW that exhibits the hazardous waste characteristic of toxicity must be managed as a non-RCRA hazardous waste in California and are no longer eligible for disposal in Class II or III landfills.

What is TWW? TWW is wood that has been treated with chemical preservatives to protect against insects, fungi, and other environmental conditions. The chemical preservatives are registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Examples of treated wood include utility poles, railroad ties, and fence posts.

How do I identify if I have or sell TWW? TWW wood can often be distinguished by its appearance or through wood manufacturer stamp codes, tags, indentations on the surface of the wood, or green or dark brown discoloration.

What do I do with it now? TWW needs to be stored in accordance with California Code of Regulations, title 22, section 6262.34 requirements, in closed containers, on a configured drip pad, or inside a hazardous waste storage building. The hazardous waste container must be labeled with the words “Hazardous Waste” and dated with an accumulation start date. Hazardous waste containers containing TWW can be stored onsite between 90 and 270 days, depending on your hazardous waste generator status.

Where can I take it for disposal? Hazardous TWW may only be disposed of in a Class I hazardous waste landfill or shipped to an out of state facility for disposal.

Anything else I should know regarding TWW? Since most landfills can no longer take TWW, it is possible that increased illegal dumping may occur. Ensure your facility solid waste dumpsters are locked or secured in a locked enclosure.

How can APTIM assist with TWW? APTIM can assist with treated wood identification, hazardous waste profiling, and the identification of eligible disposal facilities licensed to take treated wood waste. Questions or for additional support, please contact

Amy Martinez, Retail Market Sector Lead

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