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The APTIM Xchange | Did You Know APTIM Has Class A & B UST Operators?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) developed Class A and Class B Underground Storage Tank (UST) Operator categories to primarily help UST system owners and operators meet the federal UST regulation requirements for compliant operations. A Class A Operator is a person who has primary responsibility to operate and maintain a UST system according to the UST regulations and has a general knowledge of the UST regulations. A Class B Operator is a person who has day-to-day responsibility for implementing the UST regulations. Class B Operators have a more in-depth understanding of the operation and maintenance aspects of UST systems.

APTIM has taken the opportunity to broaden its UST compliance support by training select field and support staff in Class A and Class B regulatory compliance requirements for UST operations to ensure our clients meet minimum standards for operation of a UST system. Failure to maintain these standards may result in a Notice of Violation, which can cease fuel sales operations or lead to an equipment failure and discharge. Any of these can incur significant costs, operations disruption, and/or costly remediation.

The Class A and B Operator Certifications define the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions regarding compliance and determine whether the appropriate onsite individuals are fulfilling the operations, maintenance, and recordkeeping requirements for their UST systems. The Class A and B Operator qualifications combined with APTIM’s extensive knowledge of Retail Petroleum Operations has benefited our current clients and supports our fueling system assessment and remedial activities.

Greg Butler, Director of Operations – Environmental and Sustainability

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