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The APTIM Xchange | Delivering Projects in 3D with Matterport® 360° Cameras & Leica Scanners

Traditional field data collection methods and project reporting involves the use of 2D photographic documentation. Hundreds of point and shoot photos are taken and stored in series of folders and subfolders, making it difficult to navigate and understand where and when photos are taken. Although regular photo documentation with standard still photos remains a viable option, 360° cameras make it easier than ever to capture, share, and collaborate in an immersive 3D setting.

APTIM’s Matterport® Enterprise Platform is an all-in-one 3D data platform that delivers an end-to-end system for creating, modifying, distributing, and navigating 3D and virtual reality (VR) versions of real-world spaces via the web, mobile devices, and VR headsets.

APTIM has explored many use cases for media content using the Matterport® 360° cameras and Leica scanners, including:

  • Solid waste characterization studies
  • Fueling system inventory studies and inspections
  • Water/Wastewater systems inspections and mapping
  • Construction Management
  • Facility documentation and maintenance
  • Emergency Response

So how does it work? The cameras and scanners collect 2D photography and 3D data at project sites and automatically stitches them into a complete, immersive 3D model of the real-world job site. Each of our camera’s conduct a 360º sweep that takes less than 20 seconds and the scans are automatically registered and stitched into a textured mesh. The data is synced to our enterprise platform, which enables accurate measurements, equipment inventory documentation, 3D point cloud export, schematic floor plan extraction and more.

The 3D imaging output includes immersive virtual tours, virtual reality experiences, and digital modelling. Since the beginning of the global pandemic, APTIM’s customers have found significant value in participating in virtual tours and reality experiences from the comfort of their home. In addition to capturing existing condition data, the platform is used to capture and document key milestones, document project process, create virtual punch lists, tag assets with pertinent information and share 3D “digital twins” with stakeholders, owners, contractors, and facility managers. To learn more how you can use Matterport® Enterprise Platform, contact for more information.

Angela Belden, Senior Virtual Reality Systems Specialist

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