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The APTIM Xchange | Consequence Management

Our industry has a unique responsibility and privilege to enable the most basic needs of our society, including clean air and water, reliable infrastructure, and recovery from natural disasters. For the past half century, the engineering construction industry in the United States has responded to the trends driving our society and our economy. Our industry has designed, constructed, and operated a built environment in response to demographic trends and migrations. Our industry has also enabled compliance with the seminal environmental regulations of the late 20th century, including the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, and it helped our society to remediate legacy environmental contamination through CERCLA and RCRA.

Today, APTIM is poised to meet a higher expectation, namely, not just to respond and recover from disasters, but to restore our natural environment or to safely and reliably maintain and operate critical infrastructure. Instead, our aim is to become a leader in Consequence Management. We will work with clients to reduce environmental impacts, energy consumption, and waste generation. We will work with communities, not just to respond and recover from natural disasters, but to make them more resilient in the first place through advisory, design, and program management service offerings. We do more than maintain our clients’ assets, we use data to improve the reliability and safety of assets proactively.

APTIM will apply our talented women and men, our proven methodology, and the latest technology to help our clients to do better than comply with regulations, respond and recover from damaging events, or maintain infrastructure. Instead we will be a leader for managing the consequences of these trends in a proactive way that reduces risks and costs to our clients and to the communities where we live and work.

APTIM. In Pursuit of Better.