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The APTIM Xchange | Avoid Permit Late Fees and Penalties with APTIM’s Licensing Support Services

Is keeping up with environmental permits for your locations getting you down?

Are too many expiration dates for the same locality driving you insane?

In today’s marketplace, companies that manage many facilities across the country can face significant challenges keeping up with all the tasks associated with regulatory filing services such as permitting, registrations and licensing. These challenges typically range from having too few resources available to manage the multitude of agency filing requirements and deadlines, to lacking a management platform to maintain and manage all the data and documents associated with these permits. Keeping up with permit requirements, expirations, changing regulations, site inspections, and agency working status can be extremely time consuming and leave your company vulnerable to late fees or penalties.

Having a centralized team to handle scheduling, tracking and fee processing can be a tremendous help to ensure no more missed permit expirations and inspections, and no more violations for simple things like having an expired permit posted. APTIM’s Licensing Support Team can help take care of permit and fee management and maintain facilities compliance.

The APTIM Licensing Support Team has been managing environmental permits and fee payment for customers for over 12 years. We have established relationships with state and local agencies who know that we work with our clients in a pro-active manner to operate in compliance with environmental regulations. Our nationwide expertise can help ensure accurate fee assessments by agencies, eliminate old permits from deactivated assets or operations, and help eliminate late fees or penalties.

The APTIM Licensing Support Team quickly reacted during the pandemic. Agencies were contacted to determine their working status, the changes they implemented and helped facilitate inspections. Many of our agency contacts appreciated APTIM’s assistance in helping them through this unprecedented time and helping them stay on track of the facilities in their jurisdictions. When the ability to rapidly adapt to a changing business environment counted most, APTIM delivered.

Tonya Reese, Environmental Scientist

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