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Simplify Your Compliance Processes With ehsAI

The world of regulatory compliance is constantly evolving, and a new technology called ehsAI carries an exciting opportunity to improve the accuracy and speed of compliance. APTIM’s Laura Herron, a project manager responsible for helping clients achieve environmental regulatory compliance, describes her experience with the technology below.

Last summer, APTIM Management asked if I would like to be involved in a program that would assist with our customers’ compliance concerns. The program involves a partnership with ehsAI, a company that is using artificial intelligence (AI) to assist clients across the globe with their environmental compliance solutions.

Essentially, ehsAI takes most permits, plans, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and regulations and separates the actual requirements from all the filler language that makes those documents so voluminous. The output is a simplified Excel spreadsheet that breaks down each requirement, frequency, and permit condition so that it can be easily identified. This eliminates the need to comb over lengthy permits by hand and reduces the potential for transcription errors, saving both time and money. As I became more familiar with ehsAI, I realized that it was easy to use with straightforward, intuitive commands.

ehsAI allows the user to deconstruct environmental permits, such as wastewater, stormwater, and air permits and pull out the information related to compliance requirements, enabling them to be much more easily accessed. It can break down regulations, spill control countermeasures (SPCC), stormwater pollution prevention plans, and SOPs, as well as breaking down contract documents. In the future, ehsAI will expand its offerings to break down Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and interpret documents in multiple languages. ehsAI relies heavily on user feedback, and they recently incorporated adding frequencies of each requirement to the program deliverable based on client feedback.

I’ve used the program for over a year, and I wish I had something like this earlier in my career. The ability to review permits before environmental compliance audits would have saved me so much time and anxiety!

Being able to deconstruct complex documents such as permits and contracts allows us to provide our clients with a wider range of solutions that utilize cutting edge technology to solve their compliance needs. And ehsAI is still growing and evolving. They are partnering with Intelex, an environmental management system, to integrate the ehsAI spreadsheet (with the identified requirements) into a compliance calendar that Intelex generates, eliminating the need to manually input each calendar requirement. This will allow Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) managers to easily understand their permit requirements and automatically populate that information into a calendar to help make sure that compliance deadline dates are not missed.

ehsAI is a brand-new way for APTIM to work smarter and faster in delivering solutions to our clients. I truly believe that we are poised to help our clients make their jobs easier and more efficient with ehsAI.

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