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Setting the Bar for Energy Efficiency in Wisconsin Since 2010

Reducing energy waste through energy efficiency and increasing renewable energy generation are critical to making the substantial greenhouse gas reductions necessary to slow the catastrophic impacts of climate change. APTIM plays a key role in helping utilities and government entities achieve this in a few states, including Wisconsin.

APTIM has been serving as the administrator of Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency and renewable energy program, Focus on Energy, for 11 years and counting. In this role we support our 107 utility partners by creating and delivering award-winning program designs and marketing initiatives and managing a team of consultants. As a result of our team’s efforts, every $1 invested in Focus on Energy projects returns over $4 in benefits to Wisconsin, making it an exceptional value for the state. In the past 10 years alone, Focus on Energy has delivered over $1 billion worth of net economic benefits to Wisconsin.

Wait… how does that work?

In a nutshell, when businesses and residents of Wisconsin pay their electric and natural gas utility bills, a small portion of that money funds Focus on Energy. Focus on Energy is designed to maximize energy savings across the state, as equitably as possible. The result is a diverse suite of offerings with robust outreach that targets all ratepayers, including residential, agricultural, school, government, commercial, and industrial customers. Focus on Energy provides free expert technical advisory services, financial incentives, training, and even some free products to create these energy reductions. When combined, all of these efforts result in significant tangible value to Wisconsin by reducing energy costs while creating jobs and health benefits from reduced pollution. According to a third-party evaluator, that value is estimated at $4.80 of benefits for every dollar invested in Focus on Energy.


Focus on Energy by the numbersFocus on Energy by the numbers.

A case study: Mighty Grand Dairy

One of Focus on Energy’s ag-focused technical advisors worked collaboratively with Mighty Grand Dairy to develop a plan to reduce their energy costs.  The plan resulted in Mighty Grand Dairy upgrading to LED lighting and more efficient fans, which has significantly reduced their operating expenses. While Focus on Energy’s success is technically measured with energy savings, these improvements also made for happier cows, which means more milk production, which means more profit for the farmer. In the past seven years, Wisconsin has lost over a quarter of its dairy farmers. The APTIM team is proud to play a role in helping to strengthen our farms and communities.

A case study: Lambeau Field

The positive impact of the program reaches all corners of the state, from homeowners in rural towns to some of the most recognizable organizations, like the Green Bay Packers. Many large energy customers, like the Packers’ home stadium, have long term relationships with Focus on Energy. Lambeau Field has been participating in Focus on Energy for over a decade, completing many energy efficiency projects like lighting, boiler, chiller, and food service equipment upgrades. The upgrades have allowed Lambeau Field to become the first ENERGY STAR® Certified NFL stadium.

“Having been involved with Focus on Energy in some capacity for more than a decade, it has been exciting to see the evolution of the program and its positive impacts on the residents and businesses throughout the state. We’ve seen people able to improve the health and comfort of their homes, businesses able to keep their doors open, and manufacturers able to increase their production and hire more people,” said Erin Soman, Program Operations Director.

What we’re up to next

“The great work of the team has been validated by dozens of national awards, including eight from ENERGY STAR and two from ACEEE, and third-party studies naming Focus on Energy as one of the most cost-effective programs in the nation. While we’re happy with what we’ve accomplished so far, we’re looking forward to helping lead the continuing evolution of the Focus on Energy portfolio,” said Dan Reese, APTIM’s Demand Side Management Program Director. As the case for mitigating climate change becomes clearer with every hurricane, major wildfire, severe drought, or extreme winter, we’re looking to partner with more organizations in adjacent spaces across the state to make all our resources go further faster and maximize the value of Focus on Energy.

Want to learn more about what the team is up to? In celebration of Energy Awareness Month and Focus on Energy’s 20th Anniversary, the team is posting weekly video success stories from Wisconsin residents, businesses, and contractor partners. Check them out here.

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