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Semi-analytical model for solute transport in a three-dimensional aquifer with dual porosity and a volumetric source term

APTIM Authors/Contributors

  • Tomas Perina, Project Manager, Environmental Services


A new solution for advective–dispersive solute transport is developed for three-dimensional aquifer of finite thickness and width, infinite extent along the direction of flow, dual porosity, equilibrium linear sorption and first-order decay of both the sorbed and dissolved mass with coefficients that may differ in the mobile and immobile domains, and with initial concentration distribution or with source represented by a volumetric mass generation term of arbitrary time-dependence. The analytical Laplace domain solution is numericaly inverted into the time domain. The model is benchmarked against MT3DMS and simpler analytical models. The model is sensitive to transport parameters describing the dual domain, suggesting it may be used for evaluating tracer tests. The model is suitable for checking accuracy of numerical models and identifying ranges of key transport parameters.

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