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New Flash: Update on EPA’s Proposed Third Rule

EPA Proposed Rule: Integrating e-Manifest with Exports and Other Manifest-Related Reports, PCB Manifest Amendments, and Technical Corrections (Third Rule)

The electronic manifest system (e-Manifest) launched in 2018 in order to provide a nationwide mechanism for tracking hazardous waste electronically. It launched with a limited scope with the intentions of expanding its functionality in successive amendments. The initial launch was limited to domestic and import shipments. At the time of launch, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was uncertain which entity in the exportation process should have the responsibility for electronic submittals. This is being addressed with the proposed “Third Rule,” which will soon be published in the Federal Register under Docket No. EPA-HQ-OLEM-2021-0609 for public comment.

In addition to identifying the above referenced responsible parties, several technical amendments are included in the proposed rulemaking, including expanding the manifest to include both domestic compliance and international elements, integrating the process with the Waste Import Export Tracking System (WIETS) capabilities within the online RCRA Info module of the EPA’s Central Data Exchange webtool, and modifications to various related reports such as Exception Reports and Discrepancy Reports. A complete summary of proposed changes, as well as a prepublication version of the proposed rule, are available on the EPA’s website linked below.

APTIM assists numerous clients already with managing their hazardous waste programs including manifesting and use of the EPA’s online webtools. We work regularly with agency regulators and closely monitor the changing regulatory landscape for our customers, making us an ideal partner on your hazardous waste program needs.

Learn more about the Third Rule.


By Brian Mullen, Scientist III

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