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Green Manufacturing with APTIM

As manufacturers pivot their operations in an effort to become more sustainable, APTIM can provide a wide range of solutions for managing resources and materials.

As the saying goes: it’s not easy being green. Yet today, more than ever, communities, businesses, and lawmakers agree that green is important—and they are aggressively changing a variety of long-standing tactics in an effort to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Take for example the green manufacturing movement to reduce carbon emissions by using eco design process thinking, which evaluates and actively reduces the environmental impacts of products across their entire lifecycle. More organizations are rethinking the materials that go into their products, switching to lower carbon impact materials, and increasing the use of reclaimed and recycled materials into their manufacturing processes.

One exciting industry game-changer is the shift from subtractive manufacturing to additive manufacturing. Subtractive manufacturing processing, molding and forming, requires large blocks of material leading to left-over waste material after forming. Whereas, additive manufacturing uses the exact amount of material necessary, which means no waste.

Another manufacturing industry shift focuses on expanding the yield loss equation. Manufacturing plant managers live and breath overall equipment effectiveness, and the big six (equipment failure, planned stops, idling, reduced speed, production defects, and reduced yield) scream performance and productivity loss. Today we recognize the big six also negatively effect energy usage, increase carbon footprints, and must be added to the overall equation calculation. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to rethinking manufacturing systems and the ways your organization can improve. If you or your organization is struggling on this front, let APTIM help. We provide a wide range of solutions for managing resources and materials. APTIM’S waste minimization team understands that you must meet local, state, and federal regulations; increase efficiencies; improve your bottom-line; and address shareholders request for new sustainability goals.

From staffing challenges and budget constraints to meeting environmental regulations, we will work with you to assess your needs and create custom solutions.


Patti Toews
Sustainability and Waste Minimization Business Leader

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