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Granting Neighborhood Resilience and Building Circular Economies

The best time to invest in your community’s resilience was years ago. The second-best time is now.

Local governments across the nation are tasked with community and infrastructure budgeting. According to the National League of Cities, 91% of cities, towns, and villages do not have enough funding to keep up with current needs, let alone efforts to enhance future resilience (i.e., e-mobility, local food, energy efficiency, and disaster preparedness). APTIM supports the current and future health, safety, and prosperity of your community through finding and securing new funding sources that meets its needs.

Budgetary Roadblocks for Local Sustainable Futures

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation recently reported that our cities account for just 3% of the Earth’s land, yet they consume 75% of global resources and generate 60–80% of greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, municipal budgets often do not have the funding to reduce their magnified greenhouse gas impacts. Budgets are developed annually, and community leaders are held to those budgets despite other worldly demands such as increasing prices for goods and services, new regulations, and growing public pressure to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Funding Resilient and Circular Solutions

To close the funding gap for city and community environmental impacts, tapping into grants and other federal and state sources is imperative.

  • Funding for transportation increases a community’s mobility while also decreasing air emissions.
  • Funding for healthy neighborhoods eliminates food deserts and enhances health and food security for all.
  • Funding for preparing for unprecedented climate events and fires promotes community resilience and saves lives.
  • Funding for equitable energy projects supports those least able to pay for energy.

Federal and state dollars can be key to realizing the daily benefits to community members these environmental efforts provide, which can be difficult to justify in the annual budget. However, many of our clients are also experiencing staffing freezes, and their existing staff lacks the bandwidth to research and evaluate opportunities, and pursue, report, and successfully close out funded projects.

Your Partner in Grants Management

At APTIM, we understand the importance of obtaining diversified funding sources to meet your local needs. Our team of federal, state, and local grant experts are here to conduct financial gap analysis, research funding recommendations, and provide start-to-finish grant management services.

The time is now to rethink city and community financing. Together, we can utilize climate resilient, socially inclusive funding resources to make your community livable, sustainable, affordable, and resilient. If you are looking for grant funding to build resilience and circularity today, get in touch with our Waste Minimization grant funding experts.

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