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APTIM Welcomes Jane Brogan, Program Director for Disaster Recovery

Welcome to APTIM, Jane!

APTIM is very excited to welcome Jane Brogan as our Disaster Recovery Program Director.

Jane brings 15 years of leadership, policy, grant administration, and program management experience in HUD’s Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program and with climate related issues. She recently started at APTIM and is providing subject matter expertise on the CDBG-DR program and other grant opportunities. Prior to APTIM, she oversaw the New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery $4.5 Billion CDBG-DR grant used for housing, economic development, and infrastructure recovery and resiliency. She started her career in disaster recovery at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation which received a CDBG-DR grant to rebuild and revitalize lower Manhattan after the September 11, 2001 attacks. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor’s from Colgate University.

“We’re extremely excited to have Jane come aboard. She brings a great wealth of knowledge and expertise working with community development block grant disaster recovery funds as well as a strong passion for transforming communities through resiliency, economic, and social equity strategies. She’ll make a wonderful addition to our disaster recovery team”, said Steve Kral, director of disaster recovery and resiliency.

As APTIM works to be a relentless advocate for our clients and communities both before and after disasters, we’re very excited to have Jane on the team.

APTIM offers wide-ranging disaster recovery and resiliency solutions, including a team of senior-level recovery advisors combined with significant surge capacity to respond quickly to various recovery needs:

  • Preparedness
    • Emergency planning, training, and exercise consultation
    • Exercise design and delivery
    • Training
    • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
    • Program Review and Gap Analysis
  • Recovery
    • Grant Management Services
    • 48-Hour Rapid Response Capability and Capacity
    • Integrated Response and Recovery Approach
    • Minimize De-Obligation Risk
    • Strategic Advice for Whole Community Recovery
  • Resiliency and Mitigation
    • Hazard Mitigation Plan development
    • Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant programs assistance
    • Strategic Mitigation and Resiliency advice
    • Construction, engineering, and environmental mitigation solution

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