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APTIM Hosts First Retail Summit for Leaders in Environmental Compliance

Learn about this opportunity for nationwide retailers to share best practices in environmental, health, and safety compliance.

At the tail end of Earth Month, APTIM hosted a summit for our retail clients to share their experiences and best practices in environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance. Senior leaders engaged in interactive presentations, topic tables on various compliance considerations, and one-on-one meetings to learn from each other. Over just two short days, this group shed insight onto the challenges and solutions characterizing retail compliance today, including the highlighted topics below.

The Power of Benchmarking

Metrics and scorecards are tools used to drive EHS compliance in retail, so having strong data is crucial. Many retailers turn to homegrown information solutions for data management, which can help engage field teams with store operations, but they may experience limitations in connecting the appropriate data. Off-the-shelf solutions can also be adapted to capture all the complexities of a particular retail operation.

Compliance in California

Hazardous waste management continues to be an important topic for retailers operating in California. Many retailers have hired dedicated field teams to help with program implementation and monitoring through metrics and audits. These teams adapt to the constantly evolving regulatory landscape. For example, an important policy called Assembly Bill 2059 recently went into effect, which changes the scope and definition of hazardous materials and increases Hazardous Material Business Plan reporting requirements.

Fire Safety

Facilities are aging, commodities are changing, and business is evolving, so fire safety is a continuous improvement process for retailers. Having a compliance team with governance over the entire process and creating close connections with fire marshals and emergency response teams are critical components to a successful program.

Emerging EHS Challenges

Prioritizing and communicating EHS at all levels of your organization allows a compliance culture to flourish. Retailers’ mission and vision for ensuring compliance at stores and distribution centers need to align with those of the greater organization to be effective. Finding ways to connect compliance with current operational initiatives can be a useful strategy.

Forward and Reverse Logistics

Logistical challenges include ensuring that hazardous materials are managed properly without posing any risk to environment, health, or safety during transportation and handling. This process begins with knowing which products are regulated, providing specific handling instructions, and tracking items throughout their lifecycle.

Despite differences in size and product offerings, most retailers are confronting and adapting to these compliance challenges, along with the dozens of others raised in conversation at the summit.
If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to enhance your EHS compliance program or participating in future events like these, please reach out to Retail Client Relationship Director Steve Musser at or Client Program Director Amy Martinez at

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