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APTIM and Joint Venture Team Receive Outstanding Achievement Award at 2019 National Hurricane Conference

THE WOODLANDS, TX. April 25, 2019 — A Joint Venture (JV) team comprised of Florida International University’s (FIU) International Hurricane Research Center, the Storm Surge Unit of the National Hurricane Center (NHC), APTIM, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) was presented with the National Hurricane Conference Outstanding Achievement Award during its annual conference on April 24 in New Orleans, LA.

This prestigious award recognizes the outstanding achievement for work developing storm surge modeling and mapping capabilities in Hispaniola. The award also recognizes a seminal publication in Remote Sensing of Environment entitled “Accuracy assessment of ASTER, SRTM, ALOS, and TDX DEMs for Hispaniola and implications for mapping vulnerability to coastal flooding,” where APTIM was a co-author. Through the novel application of a satellite-based technique combined with GPS groundtruthing, FIU and APTIM have been able to produce topographic data with significantly higher accuracy and horizontal resolution. The increase in mapping resolution and accuracy has allowed the NHC to produce high-resolution risk mapping for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. These maps provide an exponential leap in the ability to plan, prepare, and mitigate the risk of storm surge on these developing nations.

The maps, developed by APTIM staff in Palm Beach County, Florida, promote better preparedness in vulnerable communities and ultimately help to reduce the devastation and scale of disaster recovery efforts after an event.


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