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APTCast | Episode 1 | Resiliency and the Infrastructure Bill

Please enjoy APTCast, APTIM's podcast series which brings discussion and critical insight on key issues that affect the world around us, and highlights our teammates and the extraordinary work that we do.

Resiliency and the Infrastructure Bill: Let’s Go!

For our inaugural episode, we tackle Resiliency and the Infrastructure Bill. Hosted by APTIM’s Steve Kral, Director of Recovery and Resiliency, we discuss resiliency through the lens of the new infrastructure bill and how APTIM’s holistic approach and proactive philosophy are key factors in creating and sustaining resilient communities. Joining Steve Kral in the discussion are Dr. Samantha Danchuk, APTIM’s Climate, and Coastal Resilience Lead, Jane Brogan, APTIM’s Climate Change and Disaster Recovery lead, and Dr. Paul Tschirky, APTIM’s Sr. Director of Resiliency.


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