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Advancing Field Data Collection With PlanGrid

Are you frustrated spending time transferring data from an “old school” paper checklist or form to an electronic version when you return to the office? Do you lose valuable time waiting on information from field staff because they are going from one site to the next without time to upload their newly collected data? Maybe upon reviewing the data you find you needed a photo from another angle, or, you needed that tank serial number right now for a permit? Maybe you want to get a jump on a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan and could use a few additional pieces of information? Problems solved!

APTIM has adopted PlanGrid, a mobile productivity software platform as an anchor technology application for our Digital Foreman toolkit that is accessible to our field associates from an Apple® iPad. PlanGrid provides a platform for communication and collaboration and a tool to efficiently capture field data including photos and videos creating transparency of operations between the field and office. Project and Construction Managers can view relevant information, updates, issues, and photos in real time as field work progresses! While originally designed for our construction group, APTIM has adapted and customized PlanGrid’s functionality and workflows for use well beyond construction with many of our Retail and Commercial clients. We have discovered that as word travels and lessons are learned and shared about this innovative field data collection tool, we are constantly expanding the implementation footprint and seeing new ways for its application. Some examples include construction audits, SPCC plans, asset logging, monitoring well installation and more. The solution is flexible and adaptable to your required workflows. More importantly, PlanGrid serves as a single source for the generated data that are then accessible, not only through PlanGrid, but also through other data integration opportunities including serving as a source of live data for performance dashboard reporting to the field, to the office, and to our Clients.

PlanGrid is also a great tool for training, for remote client interaction at a site, and for reducing the number of people required at a site whether for reducing costs, maximizing social distancing, or limiting exposure to contaminants or viruses. It expedites communication between the field staff, project management and clients.

APTIM has customized forms to standardize data collection.  Project Managers work with our Business Transformation team to develop exactly what is needed for each project. For example, we have turned a multi-page post-construction review checklist into an easy-to-follow form where we can even attach photos. Another great use is for site plans such as those used in SPCC plans. We can upload site maps and images prior to the field visit, then use drawing tools to mark stormwater flow directions, tank locations, fuel loading areas, and more. Data entry is minimized by hard-coding or pre-populating applicable info, such as facility number, address and site contact so our field focus is on ensuring crucial project information is captured accurately and efficiently. Field operators can revise draft reports, enlarge photos, and make changes as needed before submitting final reports. The focus of our Digital Foreman toolkit, and thus, PlanGrid, is to enable the people in the field to focus on the task at hand and optimize their efficiency and quality of execution. We’re committed to enabling their success for the success of our clients’ projects.

Talk to us today about how we can incorporate PlanGrid on your project!

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