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APS—Redhawk Power Station



APTIM provides power maintenance services to the APS Fossil fleet, including the Redhawk Power Station. The Redhawk Power Station, which began operating in mid-2002, consists of two identical 500 MW natural gas-fueled combined-cycle units. Located near PVNGS west of Phoenix, the station employs treated effluent purchased from Palo Verde to meet its cooling needs. Redhawk also is a zero liquid discharge site, meaning that the cooling water is continually reclaimed and reused and no water is released to the environment. APTIM currently provides fossil plant maintenance services to nine stations within the fleet. A majority of work is performed at Four Corners and Cholla (coal units). The other sites are oil and gas units. APS is in the midst of decommissioning two Four Corners units where APTIM has scope in other Capital Services business units.