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APS—Ocotillo Power Plant



APTIM provides power maintenance services to the APS Fossil fleet, including the Ocotillo Power Plant. The Ocotillo Power Plant is a four-unit gas plant. In early 2014, APS announced a project to modernize the plant, which will involve retiring two older 110 MW steam units, adding five 102 MW combustion turbines and maintaining two existing 55 MW combustion turbines. In total, this will increase the capacity of the site by 290 MW—to 620 MW—with completion targeted for summer 2018. APTIM currently provides fossil plant maintenance services to nine stations within the fleet. A majority of work is performed at Four Corners and Cholla (coal units). The other sites are oil and gas units. APS is in the midst of decommissioning two Four Corners units where APTIM has scope in other Capital Services business units.