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Coastal Sciences & Engineering

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As the first private firm in the U.S. to implement beach restoration, APTIM is proud to offer fully integrated, multidisciplinary engineering and scientific solutions for all sizes and types of coastal projects. We stand ready to assist communities dealing with or planning for natural- and climate-related impacts.

Coastal communities face financial, engineering, and policy challenges when trying to implement coastal protection and restoration projects, as these large-scale infrastructure projects are costly, technically complex, and require coordination across multiple stakeholders. Additionally, more frequent and intense storms, sea level rise, and shoreline erosion caused by climate change are exacerbating these challenges. Selecting the right coastal sciences and engineering partner ensures long-term resilience for your community.

Unparalleled Coastal Restoration Expertise

APTIM’s coastal sciences and engineering team specializes in all aspects of beach nourishment, shoreline protection projects, erosion control, marine mapping, as well as climate resilience planning and sea level rise work.

Whether minimizing impacts to adjacent natural resources, monitoring localized protected species or habitats, or designing innovative permeable adjustable erosion control structures, our professionals evaluate each client’s specific needs and design specialized solutions for every project. Our service line is made up of the following submarket disciplines:

  • Coastal Engineering and Modeling
  • Coastal Geology and Geophysics
  • Coastal Geomatics and Technology
  • Coastal Resilience
  • Cultural Resource Management (CRM)
  • Flood Control Engineering
  • Monitoring and Assessment of Coastal Resources
  • Port Engineering
  • Underwater Archaeology

A Multidisciplinary Coastal Team

Strategically positioned in various locations along the coastal perimeter of the U.S., we are a robust team of engineers, biologists, geologists, geophysicists, surveyors, computer-aided design professionals, and geographic information systems specialists providing tailored solutions to both government and private clients.

APTIM is prepared assist you, every step of the way—from conceptual design, engineering alternatives, and environmental permitting to project management and post-construction monitoring. Since 1984, our coastal sciences and engineering team has:

  • Conducted more than 100 coastal engineering projects (federal and non-federal), as well as more than 45 coastal structural erosion control projects
  • Developed 14 inlet management plans throughout Florida and are leaders in advanced numerical modeling for coastal works
  • Conducted more than 100 borrow area studies (identifying more than 500 million cubic yards of shoreline restoration material)
  • Conducted more than 500 beach surveys (more than 25,000 profiles) to monitor coastal change conditions across the south and eastern U.S.
  • Located more than 500 million cubic yards of sand to restore America’s beaches
  • Designed hundreds of borrow areas that have supported more than 100 beach nourishment projects throughout Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the Atlantic Seaboard
  • Conducted thousands of miles of offshore geophysical surveys to provide effective and efficient services for offshore energy and infrastructure projects

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