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APTIM Supports Customers to Achieve TRUE Certification for Zero Waste

According to the United Nations Environmental Programme, an estimated 11.2 billon tons of solid waste are collected worldwide every year, and decay of the organic portion of the waste contributes about 5 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions. The increasing volume and complexity of waste generated is posing a serious risk to human health and the environment. Companies around the globe have recognized the need to address the environmental impacts from their operations and many have established commitments and ambitious goals to achieving zero waste.

At APTIM, we are committed to identifying and implementing solutions to support customers to move toward the goal of zero waste. One way APTIM is currently doing this is through the U.S. Green Building Council, Inc. (GBCI) TRUE Certification Program. APTIM employs TRUE Advisors, zero waste professionals who help facilities achieve TRUE certification and are experts in supporting and implementing zero waste policies and programs.

What does TRUE stand for?

TRUE stands for Total Resource Use and Efficiency and focuses on helping buildings, businesses, and communities strengthen their commitment to materials management. TRUE focuses not simply on minimizing waste, but on championing the highest and best use of all resources. TRUE offers a framework for establishing and documenting a company’s zero waste goals within a single physical facility.

What is required for TRUE Certification?

The certification process consists of recording a year’s worth of baseline waste data and meeting a minimum of 90% total diversion with no contamination rates higher than 10% for any waste stream. Henceforth, diversion data must be submitted annually in order to keep the TRUE certification current. Additionally, a project must achieve at least 31 points (out of a possible 81 points) in categories such as waste reduction, recycling, zero waste purchasing, composting, and innovation.

How can APTIM support TRUE Certification?

APTIM’s team of professionals includes TRUE Advisors™ trained and certified by GBCI to assist projects to obtain TRUE Certification. APTIM can support facilities exploring TRUE certification to:

  • Review and document existing processes generating discards and discard management practices
  • Audit and characterize existing discard composition and identify diversion alternatives
  • Develop baseline waste and diversion quantity data and establish ongoing tracking programs
  • Prepare documentation that satisfies certification requirements for each applicable credit
  • Coordinate with waste and recycling haulers and facility procurement staff to procure or right-size collection services and restructure waste and recycling contracts to align with zero waste principles
  • Collaborate with facility team and/or departments to document existing policies and procedures that align with TRUE Zero Waste scorecard credits
  • Develop and implement training for zero waste practices and performance monitoring, including hands-on training in waste handling best management practices (BMPs) for facility staff and/or management (i.e., train-the-trainer)
  • Prepare TRUE Certification application and facilitate application review and submittal process

For more information on TRUE Certification or how APTIM can support you in advancing your zero waste strategies, reach out to the APTIM team today.

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