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Valero Naphtha Hydrotreater Revamp and New CCR Platforming Unit



In 2004, APTIM completed the turnkey engineering, fabrication and construction of a 25,000 barrel per day (BPD) CCR (Continuous Catalytic Regeneration) Platformer and associated facilities at Valero’s refinery in Paulsboro, New Jersey. In addition to the CCR unit, APTIM’s scope included a naphtha stripper, revamp of a naphtha hydrotreater and associated support utilities. The facility produces high-octane products and hydrogen needed as part of Valero’s clean fuels program. APTIM began conceptual process work on a new hydrotreater based on preliminary catalyst reactor yield information from Criterion Catalyst in 2001. After full FEED definition and cost estimate in 2002, the customer redirected efforts towards a revamp of the existing naphtha hydrotreater at 24,000 BPSD as a more cost-effective solution. This resulted in a very complex preheat train revamp due to the extreme age of the existing unit. The refinery turnaround schedule timeline required extremely close cooperation with the customer’s engineering staff to facilitate a rapid revamp design. The hydrotreater unit revamp came on-stream in 2003, on schedule. The customer’s particular feedstock required a sulfur bed application and also a silica trap to ensure performance.

Contracting Entity: Valero Energy