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Valero Energy Coker Revamp



APTIM completed a coker revamp project at Valero Energy Corporation’s Aruba Refinery at San Nicolas. APTIM took on the repair job and completed the EPC DeltaValve installation and skirt replacement turnaround work in only 26 days, two days ahead of schedule. The DeltaValve provides a significant improvement in unit reliability and safety. In particular, these systems remove the threat of direct exposure to coke avalanches and other significant exposure risks to employees. They provide a significant reliability upgrade by closing the system and removing numerous troublesome components of the previous design.

APTIM’s structural engineering and construction technology groups worked closely with site operations to design, procure and fabricate the major structural and switch deck modifications required to support the new system. Paralleling the DeltaValve installation, APTIM leveled, stabilized and completed replacement of the drum skirts. APTIM operations, together with the Corporate Construction Technology Group and the Vessel Engineering group, defined the leveling procedure, installation sequence and load transfer scenario. APTIM crews installed 2,700 linear feet of pipe with more than 2,000 welds, 133 tons of structural steel, three miles of instrumentation and power cable with more than 2,600 terminations, and 860 feet of hydraulic tubing. The crew was made up of Trinidadians and Venezuelans and some Arubans.

Contracting Entity: Valero Energy