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UGI LNG Inc. Temple LNG Peak Shaving Facility Expansion—Pennsylvania



In October 2009, APTIM was awarded a lump sum turnkey contract for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) peak shaving project expansion in Temple, Pennsylvania. The facility is owned and operated by UGI LNG, Inc. The LNG Peak Shaving facility is designed to receive LNG from the existing liquefier and store LNG in a 50000m³ tank, vaporize the LNG and deliver up to a total 150 MMSCF. The plant includes an LNG send-out and vaporization system, the boil-off vapor handling system, buildings, security systems, fire and hazardous gas detection and mitigation systems, storm water management systems, LNG and hazardous material spill containment systems, and all the associated electrical, piping, mechanical, earthwork, structural, foundations, insulation, painting and coatings, controls and instrumentation work associated with the facility expansion.

The facility is expected to operate by storing liquefied gas during the spring, summer and fall months, and sending gas back out to the TETCO and UGI pipelines during the peak winter heating season. The LNG tank is a ‘full containment’ type structure with an ‘outer tank’ consisting of concrete slab (supported by micro piles), a concrete wall and a metal roof. The inner tank is an open top cylindrical 9% nickel steel tank. The Temple LNG expansion connects directly into the Texas Eastern pipeline to provide gas supplies for the Mid-Atlantic and northeast markets. Prior to the award of the EPC phase of the project, APTIM provided the FEED and capital cost estimate for the facility.

Contracting Entity: UGI LNG, Inc.