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Shell Global Solutions International Pilot Plant for Coal to Liquids Synthesis



The project consists of a Shell test pilot plant to proof the Coal to Liquids (CTL) theory to synthesize liquids from gasified coal. The test will be done at Nuon’s coal gasification power plant at Buggenum, Limburg. Shell wishes to demonstrate in an industrial environment that synthesis gas produced from coal can be treated to a level of purity such that performance of the synthesis catalyst does not suffer from extra loss in activity. The purpose is to produce heavy paraffins.

For the required process steps (treating of raw synthesis gas by cold methanol wash, fine treating by several adsorbents, and the Fischer-Tropsch process), Shell uses the services of Linde (Germany) and ECN (Energy Research Center of the Netherlands). Our scope includes interface EPCM Services to facilitate between Shell, NUON, Linde and ECN. The test will run for two years only.

Contracting Entity: Shell Global Solutions International