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Architecture and Engineering

Whether it's protecting coastlines and communities from rising waters, ensuring environmental and safety regulations are met prior to construction, designing civil infrastructure to be both sustainable and resilient, or maintaining the landscape, APTIM has the certified engineers to get the job done right.

APTIM’s Vast Portfolio of Architecture and Engineering  Services

At APTIM, our charter is to serve our clients by providing technology-driven professional engineering, design, and construction services to federal customers. We do this by driving innovation and harnessing the power of technology for better outcomes.

We engineer for tomorrow. APTIM has a long history of working closely with customers in the federal, state, local, and private sectors to provide sound architecture and engineering (A&E) services that adhere to structural, environmental, safety, and sustainability requirements. Our teams are strategically located across the country, ready to assist and support our clients’ efforts to achieve compliance with current and future regulatory requirements for energy efficiency and infrastructure resiliency.

Our full spectrum of engineering services supports you in building efficient, safe, and productive infrastructure. Some of the more than 70 high-level engineering services we can provide are, for example:

  • Civil Engineering: Coastal, earth work, environmental remediation, geotechnical, stormwater management, water supply, sanitary sewer, erosion and sediment control, site development and layout
    • Civil Structural Engineering
    • Coastal Sciences and Engineering (Learn More)
      • Coastal Engineering and Modeling
      • Coastal Geology and Geophysics
      • Coastal Geomatics and Technology
      • Coastal Monitoring
      • Coastal Resilience
    • Environmental Engineering (Learn More)
      • Fuel Systems Design (Learn More)
      • Stormwater Design
      • Small CAPEX Design and Oversight
      • Facility Decommissioning (Learn More)
    • Fire Protection (Learn More)
    • GeoTechnical Engineering
    • Landscape Engineering
    • Nuclear Engineering
    • Roadway Engineering
  • Construction and Fabrication Drawing: Venting and fire protection systems for storage tanks, pressure vessel construction and repair, stairs/ladders/platforms
  • Structural Engineering: Structural design and analysis, industrial building structures, concrete, and masonry structures, two- and three-dimensional structural modeling
  • Electrical Engineering: Power distribution systems, communication and security systems, green building design, lighting and surge protection, plant commissioning and startup, photovoltaic system design
  • Mechanical Engineering: HVAC system design, energy management, water and wastewater treatment, chemical and process piping, groundwater extraction and treatment systems, utility piping design
  • Process Engineering: Chemical, nuclear, hazardous waste, safety analysis

Our team takes a collaborative approach tailoring project management into the engineering and design of every project. Our leadership and certified professionals in all engineering disciplines allow us to develop unique solutions for the complex problems you face.

APTIM. Expect the Extraordinary.

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