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Recirculation Studies

Groundwater recirculation is a fundamental element of many remediation systems including aerobic bioremediation systems and anaerobic dechlorination systems. In aerobic bioremediation systems, recirculation delivers a consistent supply throughout the treatment area of the oxygen and nutrient-rich water critical to successful remediation. In anaerobic dechlorination systems, recirculation creates the conditions required for dechlorination by delivering the necessary mass of substrates and nutrients throughout the treatment area.

Bench-scale and pilot recirculation studies may be conducted to determine feasibility and or system design. APTIM has been conducting bench-scale and pilot recirculation studies since inception, at our Lawrenceville, N.J. laboratory and pilot studies at test-subject sites. We have conducted recirculation studies prior to design and installation of remediation systems at numerous Department of Defense sites including a missile site in Wyoming, Kirkland AFB, and Joint Base Cape Cod.