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PSEG—Salem Nuclear Generating Station Units 1 & 2

APTIM provides maintenance and modification services to the Salem 1 & 2 and Hope Creek 1 nuclear plants. Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station is a thermal nuclear power plant located in Lower Alloways Creek Township, in Salem County, New Jersey, United States, on the same site as the two-unit Salem Nuclear Power Plant. The stations are Hope Creek; a single unit boiling water reactor (BWR) producing 1125 MWe; and Salem, a two unit pressurized water reactor (PWR) producing 1195 MWe per unit. The scope of services for this project include modification and supplemental maintenance services, capital projects and building renovations.

Representative tasks include:

  • Mechanical modifications
  • Electrical modifications
  • FAC/ISI support and repair
  • Scaffold erection
  • Valve replacements, modifications, and internals
  • Reactor Recirculating Pump and Motor Replacement
  • SRV replacements/rebuilds
  • FW Heater support
  • SW/CW piping repair and replacement
  • Iso-Phase Bus Duct Motor replacements
  • Cooling Tower Modifications
  • Drywell Noise Reduction mods

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