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New York City Residential Technical Assistance Pilot Program


In 2012, Superstorm Sandy devastated residential properties in coastal communities of NYC. In addition to risk of chronic flooding, homeowners and multifamily property managers faced increasing flood insurance costs. To mitigate these risks, The Center for New York City Neighborhoods (CNYC), a non-profit that promotes and protects affordable homeownership in New York, provided technical resources to identify storm water management strategies and reduce flood insurance costs.

Our Approach

The APTIM team of technical experts helped NYC homeowners, landlords and property managers make decisions about the safety and financial sustainability of their residential properties in the face of rising sea levels, damage caused by recent hurricanes and rapidly changing regulatory and insurance environment. Our team helped New Yorkers reduce their flood insurance costs and make their homes more resilient to future storms through services including:

  • Resiliency audits and flood elevation certificates for single-family homeowners and managers of multifamily properties in the 100-year or 500-year floodplains
  • Identify and provide risk information, estimates, and financing options for home resiliency strategies
  • Help owners and property managers understand options and determine which mitigation strategy is right for them
  • Reduce flood insurance and identify flood mitigation strategies


Superstorm Sandy caused great upheaval and left an indelible mark on homeowners and property managers in coastal NYC. Our team helped empower these New Yorkers to become more resilient by identifying ways they could prepare their homes against future storms and flood events. The elevation certificates and audits allowed homeowners to gain a better understanding of their own risk and how they could mitigate this risk in the future.

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