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Marathon Ashland FCCU Turnaround

APTIM performed a turnaround (TAR) on Marathon Ashland’s 120,000 BPSD FCCU in Garyville, Louisiana. APTIM was responsible for the following design and detailed engineering:

  • Jigstands for the erection and assembly of the new reactor head and cyclones and for the support of the existing reactor head and cyclones.
  • Lift plans for removal and installation of the overhead line, reactor head and cyclones, reactor bottom head and stripper, J-bend and expansion joints and slide valves.
  • Temporary bracing plan to beef up the existing structure. Three floors were removed in order to replace the J-bend and expansion joints and slide valves. Pre-TAR work began on September 16, 2002 and the TAR mechanical work began on January 17, 2003. The TAR work was completed on February 18, 2003 and the post-TAR work was completed on April 25, 2003.

Contracting Entity: Marathon Ashland

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