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Entergy—Indian Point Energy Center

APTIM provides best-in-class maintenance, modification and construction services to Entergy at the 2,000 megawatt Indian Point Energy Center nuclear power plant station located in Buchanan, New York just south of Peekskill. The plant supplies approximately 25 percent of the electric power used in New York City and Westchester.  Unit 2 is a 1,028 MW pressurized water reactor with a General Electric turbine. Unit 3 is a 1,041 MW pressurized water reactor with a Westinghouse turbine. The Hudson River provides the cooling water source.

Representative tasks include:

  • Mechanical modifications
  • Electrical modifications
  • ISI support
  • Turbine generator overhaul support
  • Snubber testing
  • Plant painting
  • Main condenser tube bundle
  • High-pressure feedwater heater replacement
  • Feedwater venturi replacement
  • Preheat/postweld heat treatment
  • Dry fuel storage support
  • Control room chiller replacement
  • Scaffold training and erection
  • Valve maintenance and modifications
  • Intake traveling screen replacement/modification
  • Asbestos abatement projects
  • Lead abatement projects

In addition to Indian Point, APTIM provides the maintenance and modification services to the Entergy North and South Nuclear fleets. APTIM enjoys a successful relationship with Entergy, a strategic account. We have supported numerous refuel outages and forced outages over the past several years. APTIM utilizes mixed craft for certain tasks to maintain a diverse workforce for possible emergent work. We also move core group craft employees from site to site to support refueling outages and forced outages.

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