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Duke Energy SmartBuilding Advantage® Program 

APTIM’s utility program specialists assisted Duke Energy with the implementation of its SmartBuilding Advantage® Program. The program targets larger commercial energy users for energy efficiency upgrades. The service territory for the program includes the Carolinas and the Greater Cincinnati area. SmartBuilding Advantage® is a new program from Duke Energy that partners with large energy customers to significantly increase energy efficiency. The program provides detailed technical assistance, enhanced energy usage data and customized financial incentives that help large customers identify, analyze and implement efficiency improvements in their facilities. The innovative, whole building approach is designed to realize the maximum energy efficiency for participating organizations.

APTIM is one of only two firms that have been selected to implement the program and APTIM is the only national firm with implementation capabilities in all Duke markets. APTIM was selected to assist in scaling a successful Duke program from a successful pilot.  As part of the program, APTIM works closely with Duke’s program team and account representatives to identify and recruit large commercial accounts into the program. The program focuses on commercial accounts of at least 100,000 square feet and specifically targets uses including commercial real estate. Once in the program, customers receive a mix of technical assistance and financial incentives to identify, analyze and implement efficiency upgrades. The program is designed to make it easy to participate, and assistance includes cost shared energy audits and custom and prescriptive incentives from the Duke programs.

APTIM assists customers from the initial analysis through implementation and measurement and verification of results. The program is flexible and can be tailored to each customer’s energy management and business needs at the same time that it supports that company’s broader sustainability goals.

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