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Disaster Recovery For New Orleans Post-Hurricane Katrina

APTIM’s Emergency Management and Disaster Services team contracted with the City of New Orleans to assist in recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina. Tasks included the inspection of over 120,000 residential structures following regulation criteria established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the City of New Orleans. Completion of these inspections was critical for the City to ensure the orderly, timely and safe return of its residents.

Slip/Trip/Fall Dangers: APTIM also provided emergency stabilization and protective measures services for city-owned buildings, including police.

The Result: APTIM provided resources and technical expertise to help the City assess the widespread damage, with specific attention to potential environmental hazards and threats to human health and safety. APTIM’s technical team identified and mitigated these hazards, which included building debris, dislodged structural building components, hazardous materials and general stations, emergency medical service (EMS) buildings, fire stations, courthouses, libraries and other city buildings as requested.

The protective measures and stabilization services will aid in preventing the further deterioration associated with the storm damage. APTIM successfully inspected all 402 of the city-owned buildings and performed work in over 200 buildings.

Contracting Entity: City of New Orleans

Contract Amount: $20 million

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