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Coal Combustion Residuals

Location/Geographic Area


Project/Contract Type


Award Period

2004 – Present


Tammy DeRamo, PE; Sid Archinal; David Soles; Bill Montgomery; Mike Kramer; Wayne Wolter; Ernie Stein; Wayne Holtz; Greg McElroy


APTIM provides a complete spectrum of construction services for power and utility clients. Our team of highly experienced construction professionals have mastered the integration of plans, specifications, and concepts from the computer through project completion. These managers, planners, estimators, schedulers, supervisors, superintendents, field engineers, and skilled craft labor are all supported by the latest management technology and utilize our guidelines and procedures to ensure that work is performed safely and correctly at all times. We place primary importance on a safe work environment for all employees and vigorously pursue a proactive safety management program. Our team of experienced and trained safety professionals are dedicated to eliminating unsafe work practices through the continuous promotion of safety awareness and safety education. Employees are recognized and rewarded for job safety.

Our Environmental Construction Group, through various configurations, has taken the lead in environmental construction services since the early 1980s and integrated this extensive background and knowledge into a strong portfolio of coal combustion residuals (CCR) closure projects. APTIM provides a full range of CCR/environmental construction services to all sectors of the power industry as well as public and private customers.

Contract Scope/Services Provided

  • CCR landfill/impoundment construction
  • CCR landfill closure
  • CCR impoundment closure
  • Closure through removal
  • CCR management
  • Consolidation
  • Dewatering/water management
  • Stormwater management/erosion and sediment control
  • Groundwater extraction and treatment
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe conveyance system Installation
  • Environmental treatment systems
  • Stabilization and solidification (in-situ and ex-situ)

APTIM. Expect the Extraordinary.

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