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Program Administrator For The Focus On Energy Program, Madison, WI, Statewide Energy Efficiency And Renewables Administration, Inc. (SEERA)




Madison, WI

For the past decade, the APTIM team has served as the program administrator for Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency and renewable energy program. Through our flagship program, we have worked tirelessly to deliver energy savings, strong economic returns, and health benefits to 5+ million customers of 100+ electric and natural gas utilities. We manage strategic program planning, budgeting, and performance management, delivery of customer equity and 23 subcontracting partners. Our dedication to Focus on Energy has brought deep, lasting benefits to the State of Wisconsin. We have provided over $14+ Million in electric savings and approximately $200,000 in gas savings to over 13,000 small business customers in the state of Wisconsin since 2011.

Services Provided

  • Program Management
  • Program Execution
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainability