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Our Legal And Compliance Team.... Making APTIM a better place to work

DATE: February 2019

Among many other things, our Legal and Compliance teams are here to provide guidance and advice to assure employees know how to comply with company requirements and the law. The primary areas include compliance, risk management, and commercial and government contracts. Let’s meet the teams.

Margaret Phillips is Chief Compliance Officer and Associate General Counsel, Labor and Employment. Contact Margaret with questions or matters relating to Code of Conduct, conflicts of interest, our Ethics Hotline, and other compliance related matters such as if you suspect a situation might touch on illegal or unethical conduct. Margaret also supports HR and our business leaders in legal issues and litigation involving our employees and employment policies. Margaret explains, “Basically, we work on issues that make APTIM a better place to work.” Compliance Counsel Ben Hunter works with Margaret in the Compliance area. Among other things, Ben manages third party due diligence (making sure APTIM does business with ethical vendors), compliance aspects of proposals and contracts, gifts and entertainment, charitable contributions reviews, and government affairs aspects of compliance.

Each Strategic Business Unit (SBU) has an attorney specifically focused and specializing on each area of the business. Brandon Politz, Senior Counsel and Commercial Contracts Team Lead, supports the Power SBU and also leads the team of three Commercial lawyers. The Commercial team works on contracts and legal issues for APTIM’s non-government projects. Counsel Todd Kindler supports the Industrial & Commercial SBU and Senior Counsel Josh Decuir supports Oil, Gas, Chemical, in addition to handling corporate and entity issues, as well as corporate secretarial functions and real estate questions.

“APTIM has instituted a procedure requiring legal review, with a few limited exceptions, for all bids, proposals, contracts and related agreements,” Brandon explains. “Our review process works best when Contracts and Legal is given as much lead time as possible before a bid becomes due. This is especially important for international work, work in new jurisdictions, or work involving formation of a joint venture,” he says. If you have legal questions about a non-government project, contract, proposal, or opportunity that needs legal review, get in touch with Brandon, Todd, or Josh.

“Basically, we work on issues that make APTIM a better place to work.”

On the Government contracts side of our business, Wade Bass, Associate General Counsel, is at the helm. Wade’s team includes Senior Counsel Aiden Delgado for issues related to federal contracts and Senior Counsel Eric Barrilleaux for state and local contract issues. In addition to managing government contracts – federal, state, and local, Wade manages all litigation and litigation-related matters, commercial and government, with assistance from the appropriate business-line attorney and with the exception of Labor and Employment litigation managed by Margaret. Wade and his team support projects and proposals in addition to contracts and litigation. Wade wants employees to know who to call if they have a question on a project or see a potential problem going down a certain path. “Bring us in early,” Wade suggests. “We don’t only handle litigation, we help avoid litigation. Our primary role is to assist the business lines in making money and keeping the money they do make,” he said. The Legal and Compliance teams want all APTIM employees to know they are available for questions and guidance. Call your local contacts and don’t worry about calling the wrong person—they will make sure you are directed to the right person to help.