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New Jersey RREM Program

The Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) Program provides housing disaster relief services for more than 7,800 homeowners affected by Superstorm Sandy along nine coastal counties in New Jersey. This is a Community Disaster Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funded program. APTIM is providing CDBG-DR consulting, construction oversight and grant administration services by conducting damage assessments, implementation of environmental mitigation, development of scope of work, draw request disbursements and compliance monitoring. Program activities include rehabilitation, reconstruction, elevation, mitigation, resiliency, demolition, lead paint assessments and clearances, asbestos assessments, windstorm compliance and engineering design services.

Construction is being completed in accordance with HUD and NJDCA Construction Standards, the International Residence Code (IRC), Energy Star, HUD’s CPD Greenbuilding Checklist standards, windstorm and other local requirements. APTIM provides program management services and oversight for development of a pre-qualified construction pool of more than 50 contractors, including the preparation of the RFP/IFB, development of selection criteria and review of homebuilder submittals, collaborating on a daily basis with New Jersey state staff, elected officials, homebuilders, homeowners and municipal/state inspectors and officials. APTIM’s safety record is notable, having worked more than 300,000 work-hours without an OSHA recordable or lost-time incident. Our territory covers 2,717 square miles and spans 175 miles from the northern edge of Hudson County to the southern tip of Cape May County. We have traveled over 400,000 miles utilizing a fleet of 22 vehicles driven by over 50 traveling employees. The APTIM RREM team always exhibits a safety first approach in their daily work activities.

Contracting Entity: State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs