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Marathon Ashland RCCU Turnaround



Marathon updated their existing Reduced Crude Converter (RCC) Unit into a more traditional FCC type unit with a sizeable asset development plan. The development plan completely upgraded the plant by means of new or refurbished equipment and a change in the entire piping system to become more productive and more efficient. APTIM was awarded a contract to act as the General Contractor on the entire RCC Turnaround, while at the same time self performing the baseline critical path activities. Pre-turnaround work began on October 27, and the Turnaround (TAR) mechanical work began on December 10, 2003. This project was a turnaround that marked the end of a two-year conversion process to increase the unit's capacity by roughly 30,000 barrels per day. The conversion required a complete rebuild of the reactor including a removal/installation of the head and cyclones to facilitate the addition of a new stripper section and new vessel internals. It also included rework of the regenerator air grid and repairs to the cyclones. The heat recovery unit reconfiguration included removal of the Polutrol units, addition of an air preheater, burner rework and replacement, and removal of the internals on the fluidized bed reactor. The scope included removal, cleaning and installation of 30-plus exchangers and modifications to existing piping, as well as civil works, bundle extraction, post-weld heat treat and painting. Pre-turnaround work began in November and the project was completed in February 2004.

Contracting Entity: Marathon Ashland