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Industrial Hygiene, Safety Services

APTIM provides industrial hygiene services to commercial industries and government agencies for compliance

with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. We help customers optimize

employee performance, reduce potential liabilities, minimize the risk of occupational disease, and maintain

compliance with regulatory requirements.

Industrial Hygiene Surveys and Audits

Our industrial hygiene surveys and audits are designed to help customers meet federal and state regulations and

consensus standards, while reducing liability concerns and protecting employee health.

Exposure Evaluation

Using state-of-the-art assessment equipment determine potential exposure to airborne contaminants our

industrial hygienists, and physical agents. Stringent quality control standards are maintained through the use

of nationally accepted sampling, and analytical procedures.

Industrial Hygiene Program Assessments

  • Provide independent reviews of existing industrial hygiene programs
  • Recommend revisions
  • Develop custom industrial hygiene assessments

Administrative and Engineering Control and Performance Evaluations

Whether a situation requires sophisticated engineering controls, rearrangement of work areas, or less hazardous

chemicals in the process, we tailor solutions to help efficiently mitigate hazards.

Indoor Air Quality

Using proven sampling and analytical methods, we examine building systems and evaluate the

composition of indoor air for concentrations of microbial agents, chemical contaminants, or inert

particles that can contribute to poor indoor air quality.


Every industrial hygiene study conducted is summarized in a comprehensive report, which

provides results of the study (monitoring data, raw field data, and analytical results) and