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Comalco / Bechtel Alumina Plant



In December 2002, APTIM was awarded a contract by Comalco and its managing contractor, Bechtel, to serve as one of two mechanical contractors for the construction of a new Alumina refinery.  APTIM’s scope of work for the project included the design of more than 100 tanks, of which 30 are shop-built by others, while the remaining 72 were fabricated by APTIM. This also includes the assembly and onsite erection of 20 complete tanks and 26 partially assembled tanks for our fabrication yard in Brisbane. In addition, we also installed 136 structural, piping and mechanical assembly modules barged from Brisbane. The size of the tanks and modules, as well as the distance involved, precluded the use of road transportation from Brisbane to Gladstone—leaving barging as the preferred option. APTIM established a dock to facilitate the loading of the modules and tanks onto barges. For transportation to the Gladstone site, Bechtel supplied the barges and heavy lift hydraulic platforms. The assembly of the units at the yard was organized on a production line workstation basis. APTIM-designed jigs were used to assemble the sag bottom tank segments and shell rings were assembled at ground level workstations.

Contracting Entity: Comalco; Bechtel