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Health and Safety Services, Confidential Home Improvement Company



APTIM has provided health and safety services to the Client since 2017. Projects have included the following:

  • Completed an industrial hygiene evaluation at the Client’s Store for respirable silica and dust. Employee exposure monitoring was performed, and results compared to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) permissible exposure limits (PELs) and associations’ occupational exposures limits (OELs).
  • Completed multimedia area monitoring for volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) at the pesticide/herbicide storage areas
  • Workplace hazard assessments (WHAs) were conducted for 17 jobs, with associated tasks, at a Fulfillment Center
  • Ten employees were monitored for noise exposure at a Fulfillment Center
  • Various employee exposure monitoring for the store in Redlands, CA
  • Various organic solvents when spray painting storage racks
  • Respirable crystalline silica dust (including respirable dust and Portland cement) when sweeping spilled Portland cement dust from an aisle;
  • Wood dust when operating the panel saw and radial arm saw
  • Noise when cutting with the radial arm saw and the panel saw

Services Provided

  • Multi-Media Auditing & Assessment Services
  • Environmental Planning & Permitting
  • Compliance Program Development, Implementation & Management