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Gwinnett County ESD™ Egg-Shaped Digesters



APTIM was contracted to design, supply, construct and commission three new 1,000,000 gallon anaerobic Egg-Shaped Digesters as part of the Phase 2 expansion of the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Facility located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Each tank was built to a column height of 88 feet and a diameter of 62’ – 4”. Commissioning included process training of the owner’s plant personnel with respect to the digester operation. APTIM provided a system to allow operating personnel to visually monitor the contents of each vessel during operation. Also included in the scope of work for APTIM was the design, supply and installation of the interconnecting walkways, gas piping between the vessels, access stair tower and elevator associated with the three new digesters. In addition to the construction of the three new digesters, the contract also included retrofitting two existing anaerobic ESDs built previously by APTIM to bring them in line with and connect them to the three new digesters (Phase 2).

There was also a collection of digester-related process equipment that was specified and purchased by APTIM as part of our scope and supplied to the general contractor for installation. This collection of related equipment included sludge pumps, macerators, heat exchangers, draft tube mixers, sludge valves and gas flow meters. Fabrication of the metal plates was performed in APTIM’s Houston, Texas shop.

Contracting Entity: Atlantic Skanska, Inc.