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Fuel Systems Engineering

A major provider of fuel services for the Department of Defense (DoD), APTIM has completed numerous fuel system repairs and ugrades. From assessments, to design, to construction and start-up, APTIM’S industry experts and global resources provide safe, cost-effective fuel services for our clients around the world.


Fuel System design and repairs today require strict compliance with ever-changing regulations. APTIM’s fuel systems support services demand maximum operational efficiency with minimal product loss.

  • Facility assessment / Inspection / Design
  • Pipe Skid Fabrication and Installation
  • Marine Facility design / construction
  • Leak detection and tightness testing
  • API 570/653 Inspections
  • Aboveground (AST) and underground storage tank (UST) and pipeline removal / upgrade / construction
  • Fuel pipe fabrication & setup capabilities
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Hydrant and mechanical systems assessment / removal / construction
  • Tactical motor pool installation / upgrade
  • Rail load / off-load facility design / setup
  • Tank bottom replacement
  • Truck fill / off-load installation
  • Cathodic protection assessment / design / installation
  • Containment area design / construction
  • Bulk fuel transfer pump stations
  • Marine load repair and maintenance
  • Fuel system controls installation and repair
  • POL preventative maintenance