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Exelon—Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

APTIM is the maintenance and modification provider to Exelon's Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, specializing in outage work scope, online maintenance, and capital project execution. We also provide supplemental support personnel at this site. The single-unit BWR produces more than 619 MW of electricity with a capacity factor of 96.2%.

Representative tasks include:

  • SRV/EMRV Exchanges
  • Piping Modifications
  • Flow-accelerated Corrosion Test Preparation and Pipe Replacement
  • ISI Test Preparation
  • Snubber Testing Support (Removals & Replacements)
  • Replacement of 72 in. Circulating Water Butterfly Valves
  • Condenser Maintenance
  • Feedwater Heater Shell Repair
  • Temporary Power Setup
  • Electrical Modifications
  • General Plant Support (e.g. scaffolding, insulation, painting, shielding, etc.)