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Evergy Plant Hopper Project

Evergy contracted APTIM to resolve an ongoing issue associated with potential/actual fires in the existing PRB coal surge hopper system feeding Units 1 and 2. We reviewed the plants objectives, layout, and normal operating process and proposed an alternative approach. Our proposed solution to the plant was based on installing (2) rotary chute systems, along with chute work going direct to each of the (4) receiving conveyors and removing the existing surge hopper, along with the associated belt feeders, and existing chute work. The new system, in addition to directly resolving the issue associated with storing PRB coal, has created some new opportunities for plant operations, including a more balanced split flow of material to the receiving conveyors and the potential to reduce or eliminate dust collection in the future due to the removal of the storage bin. Our design decreased amount of maintenance anticipated by removing (4) belt feeders located below the surge hopper.

Services Provided

  • Design