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Entergy Lewis Creek Station—Dam Slope Stabilization



The scope of the geotechnical investigation was developed during the response to the shallow slope failures that occurred in April–May 2015. APTIM prepared the scope to include a program of subsurface investigation for in situ testing and laboratory testing at selected locations along the Lewis Creek Dam. The geotechnical testing program was developed to assess soil material properties and the strengths of soil in the dam. The investigation program also included surveying of the current configuration of the dam and installation of piezometers to assess pore water conditions in and underlying the dam. 

Major items included:

  • 480 Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs)
  • Installed 50 Piezometers
  • Collected 120 Macro Cores for Offsite Analysis
  • Perform 60 Vane Sheer Tests
  • Developed Long-Term Repair Program 

APTIM provided construction observation by a registered professional Geotechnical engineer in the field as necessary to support soil stabilization.