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Expect the Extraordinary.

Emily's Journey


Career development, opportunity, embracing change

With her Bachelor’s degree fresh in hand from Michigan State University, Emily Reed never could have imagined that over a decade later she would be Vice President of Administration for a major corporation.

Emily attributes her success to deliberate career development and opportunity—the chance to participate in projects outside of her realm of responsibility. Moving outside of her comfort zone, along with support from management and mentors, was how she grew in her career. “My direct managers and others supported my growth and gave me visibility and the opportunity to take on new tasks,” says Emily.

Good management and opportunity is only part of the equation, you also have to be willing to take a risk. Accepting an opportunity can mean leaving the perfect job, the familiar and comfortable. “The opportunity of true growth is putting yourself in situations where you are uncomfortable,” Emily says.

APTIM delivers extraordinary results by merging inspired innovation with an empowered workforce.

”My desire to succeed is anchored in embracing change, building genuine connections with people, and the hunger to never stop learning,” says Emily.