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Debris Management

Debris Management and Removal, Private Property Debris Removal, and Demolition Management

APTIM proactively responds to assist communities and their residents recover from hurricanes and other weather-related damaging events. As a result of our long history of responding to natural disasters, we have forged strong relationships with local agencies, residents, and stakeholders to create debris management and mitigation plans, as well as post-event demolition and recovery efforts. We work together to develop Private Property Debris Removal (PPDR) programs that benefit affected communities. Our team members bring proven expertise that brings comfort and confidence to agencies that have endured catastrophic natural disasters.


  • Rapid mobilization in response to a federally declared disaster
  • Debris management planning and monitoring plan implementation
  • Close coordination with federal, state, and local governments and agencies
  • Containment, treatment, decontamination, recovery, cleanup, and repackaging of materials
  • Site assessment, remediation, and restoration
  • Laboratory analysis of contaminated debris and geotechnical services


  • Manage operations for PPDR programs, including, site assessment, property evaluations and collection and disposal methods.
  • Provide field inspectors and monitors for right-of-way debris removal
  • Identify and permit temporary debris staging, disposal, and reduction sites
  • Enter load tickets daily and maintain load ticket databases
  • Provide daily reports to agencies for release to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Prepare geographic information system (GIS) tracking maps to inform agencies and the public of work progress
  • Assist agencies to prepare final FEMA reports and reimbursement requests


Pre-demolition activities

  • Drafting contractor bid specifications
  • Tracking mechanisms

Demolition management

  • Residential and commercial structures
  • Regular and wet demolition
  • Proper handling of regulated asbestos containing material and asbestos abatement prior to demolition
  • Managed and monitored debris from site of origin to disposition at landfills or temporary debris staging locations

Coordinate with FEMA and property owners

  • During monitoring and decommissioning of properties

Post-demolition management activities

  • Developing debris management plans
  • Database management
  • Post-demolition site review
  • File closeout
  • Contractor invoice review and approval